We Love Biology

bonesBiology is a complex science that attempts to describe and understand the functions of the most complicated machines in existence: life. Biologists seek answers to many fundamental questions, such as where life came from and how to fight illness and death.

Because everything that happens within an organism is a result of a chemical reaction, biology overlaps with chemistry in many places. A good microbiologist needs to have a strong understanding of chemical sciences in order to design experiments that result in measurable results that can be scrutinized and concluded upon. It’s a tough job, but it’s incredibly rewarding to find results that are consistent with a hypothesis.

As an example, think of all the questions that could be asked about a person’s bones. What are they made of? How did they grow? Why do they have the shapes they have? Biologists search for the answers to these kinds of difficult, seemingly impossible questions.

We’ve drawn a great deal of inspiration for our studies in biology from many of the great biologists who came before us. While we’re not quite on theirĀ  level yet, we hope to one day accomplish great things as well.


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