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Man Eats Nothing but McDonald’s for 180 days…and loses weight

shutterstock_220538989There have been plenty of diet fads over the years as people search for a way to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible.  Many people put on this weight as a result of too much fast food, but an Iowa science teacher is silencing the fast-food haters and showing that, if done right, fast food can actually lead to losing weight.  As a part of a class experiment, John Cisna embarked on the hypothesis that a person could end up in better shape after eating McDonald’s every day, three meals a day. This included the healthier options as well as Big Mac’s and French fries on the daily. Cisna’s students were tasked with planning his meals—he could eat no more than 2,000 calories a day and had to stay within the FDA’s daily recommendations for fat, sugar, protein, carbs, and a number of other nutrients.  He also started walking for 45 minutes a day.

Even though this sounds like the beginning of Supersize Me, a documentary by Morgan Spurlock who packed on 24 pounds in the course of a month by eating McDonald’s every day, Cisna had experienced very different results. By the end of the six months, the science teacher had lost 60 pounds—a virtual dream come true for grease and fast-food loving Americans.  So what does Cisna have to say about his experiment?  He says his results show that individuals should take individual accountability and responsibility for their food choices and not be so quick to blame fast food restaurants for their weight.

Even though Cisna does not recommend the diet for everyone, he says the experiment has changed his life for the better.  So, next time you’re eating a Big Mac, you can actually tell people you’re on a new health kick.